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Plugin Description

This plugin allows you to (finally) encode AAC+ streams on Linux/FreeBSD systems! On Windows, you could use the Winamp Encoder plugin, but the new AutoDJ AAC+ plugin works on Windows as well.

Why we have not had AAC+ support before now on Linux/FreeBSD

Many, many people have asked me to get the bot to support AAC+, but I have been unable to up to this point because there were no open source encoders available. With the availability of libaacplus, I can now add support for AAC+ to AutoDJ.

How do I get libaacplus?

Because of the licensing of the AAC+ encoder, I cannot provide a copy to you. I can however give you these instructions:

Getting libaacplus on Windows

On Windows, you can download a ready to use libaacplus.dll from one of the following sites and extract it to your RadioBot folder:

For the security minded, the hash of the ZIP file when I downloaded it was:

md5sum: fdde63b331d215a816fab555f9a96711
sha256sum: a8d6ec279de9f38f431325470e706cbad9ed1b5e8e49383809f22b9493813faa

Getting libaacplus on Linux/FreeBSD

1. Using your package manager of choice, install fftw3 and fftw3-dev/devel (may be named differently depending on your platform/distro).
2. Go to the libaacplus homepage and download the latest version of the 2.0.x branch (not the 1.x versions) with wget/curl/whatever.
3. Use tar -xf libaacplus-2.0.2.tar.gz to extract the tar file and cd to the libaacplus-2.0.2 folder.
4. Type the following commands in your shell:

sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

5. You should now have a copy of libaacplus installed that the plugin can use.


Please make sure you research and learn the licensing issues surrounding AAC+ encoders before using the plugin. can not give you legal advice and can not be held responsible for any liability related to your usage of this or any other plugin. This and all plugins fall under the RadioBot EULA.

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