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For the most part your existing RadioBot v3/v4 ircbot.conf is compatible with RadioBot v5. Here are the changes that are most likely to affect you:

  • Plugins are no longer in the main installer/.tar.gz since there are so many now. You can install them with the included Package Manager utility.
  • The Remote section no longer exists, so if you want to use a remote port other than 10001 it should be set in the RemotePort entry in the Base section.
  • If you use the SimpleDJ plugin, you will need to rename your existing AutoDJ section to SimpleDJ
  • AutoDJ/SimpleDJ: The Voice and VoiceEngine lines will no longer have effect, the voice and engine should be set in the TTS section instead.

Other changes (not likely to affect you):

  • Any options in any section for setting minimum access level (for the most part MinLevelTo*) will not have any effect. (it won't hurt or affect the bot in any way if you leave them in your config)
  • SAM plugin w/AutoDJ or SimpleDJ loaded: FindTrigger no longer has any affect. The @find/!request system has been centralized to RadioBot itself so having multiple source plugins will no longer cause conflicts.
    • You can still create a command alias if you just prefer something besides @find
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