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Script Description

The script format for AutoDJ Scheduler scripts is really simple, it's just like typing commands into the DCC Chat Console.

You can use AutoDJ Scheduler variables in the lines of the script (%lw(0), etc.) for maximum usability.

Note: To use scripts you must first create an AutoDJ user in RadioBot with the following PM command: !adduser AutoDJ +flags random_password [email protected]
Note2: You can change random_password to whatever you want, and use whatever flags you want to restrict which commands the scripts can run.

Example Script

# Comments can start with a # or ; or /

# You can use any bot command that allows Console use in your script
# Also, you can use a new command: wait number
# This command makes the script wait for number milliseconds before continuing
# You can also use sleep number instead of wait number if you prefer, or mix & match

relay Test.mp3
sleep 1000

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