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One of the major selling points for RadioBot Full is the AutoDJ plugin. Afawk, it is the only AutoDJ that accepts all the major audio file types (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, WAV, etc.) and can transcode them all to MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and/or AAC. This makes managing your music much, much easier, at the cost of some CPU usage.

We often talk about how most of the (so-called) AutoDJs available today require all your MP3s be pre-encoded to the same samplerate/channels for use in their systems, and what a pain it is. We also get a lot of requests for an AutoDJ system for RadioBot Basic. You may see where we are going with this, but if not:

Introducing, the AutoDJ Simple Mode

Simple Mode uses direct MP3 feeding to your shoutcast server, just like other available AutoDJs and is available now with RadioBot Basic. Now, you get all the amazing features of the RadioBot AutoDJ, but without multiple formats and transcoding support.

Here is a list of the major points you should know about in relation to AutoDJ Simple Mode.

  • RadioBot Basic support! (Finally, an AutoDJ solution for RadioBot Basic users)
  • Simple Mode only works with MP3s, and all MP3s must be encoded with the same samplerate and channels (mono/stereo). The bitrate may vary (VBR) as long as the samplerate/channels stay the same.
  • No transcoding support, all output will be the same bitrate/samplerate/channels as the source MP3s. Only MP3s are supported.
  • All other AutoDJ features and commands work as normal.
  • You can use AutoDJ in Simple Mode as a stepping point or taste of RadioBot Full and AutoDJ Full.
  • You can enable Simple Mode in RadioBot Full by putting SimpleMode 1 in the AutoDJ/Options section of your ircbot.conf if you wish for reduced CPU usage.


The AutoDJ voice currently only works in Mono channel modes because the lame executable it uses to convert the WAV to MP3 cannot create a stereo MP3 from a mono source.

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