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Warning.gif This page documents a development or unofficial plugin for RadioBot. You should not count on this plugin working, being publically released, or being stable.

The SHOUTcast Proxy plugin let's your DJs stream to your SHOUTcast server without giving them the source password. It also lets you record their shows for archiving/download/etc. It writes SSMT meta tags so if you later play the song back with AutoDJ it will update the song titles correctly.

The plugin works with SHOUTcast v1 and v2 as long as the v1 compatibility mode is enabled.


Users will connect to the bot's IP with the port specified in your SC_Proxy section (default: 8000).
Their password will be in the form of their botusername:botpassword, and need the +d flag to be allowed to stream to SHOUTcast.

Example: User bob with password nowhere would use bob:nowhere for their password in the SHOUTcast DSP/SAM/etc.


See the Configuration page.


Plugin Compatibility: RadioBot Basic RadioBot Full
Supported: Yes Yes

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