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The Users_Shared plugin lets you define user records on one main or 'hub' bot, and let other bot's use those records.



See the Configuration page for configuration details.


1. Load the Users_Shared plugin on all of your bots EXCEPT the main bot.
2. Configure the Users_Shared plugin with the main bot's hostname and remote port, and a username and password with level 1 access. (You can use your own account or create one just for the plugins to use).
3. The secondary bots will now connect to the main bot to verify users anytime someone isn't recognized.


Only accounts created/edited on the main bot will propagate to the secondary bots. You can still create/edit accounts on them, but only that individual bot will retain the changes.

OS Support

Operating System: Win32 Win64 Native Linux/Unix FreeBSD
Supported: Yes Yes Yes Yes

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