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reperm.conf lets you change a command's permissions from their default. Note: This is unsupported behaviour and could cause crashes in some commands, etc. (let us know which ones and we can make them work though).

RadioBot commands use an access control list (ACL) with 3 parts:
1. Any flags (if a user has ANY of the Any flags they can use the command)
2. All flags (if a user has ALL of the All flags they can use the command)
3. Not flags (if a user has ANY of the Not flags they can't use the command)
Users have to pass all 3 parts to use a command.

The syntax of the file is 1 command per line followed by up to 3 sets of permissions:
command any_flags all_flags not_flags

Example making it so anyone can use !autodj-speak:
autodj-speak = = =

Example making it so only a master can use reqlogin:
reqlogin +m = =

To use the existing flags for any part just put a +. Flag strings work the same way as any other user flags.

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