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General Information

WebPlayer allows you to have an integrated audio player on your website for your stream. It can also optionally link to your WebRequest, Amazon, and show album art.

If you would like to see more features in this system, please post a Feature Request at http://www.shoutirc.com. Since this is an open source project, you are also able to make modifications on your own if you wish.


You can see a demo of WebPlayer here.


See the included install.txt
This is a new package so you may encounter bugs, please report them to us via a support ticket.

Album Art

For Album Art to work your DJs must set their title updates to Artist - Album - Title format.
For AutoDJ, set IncludeAlbum to 1 in your AutoDJ/Options section.


WebPlayer is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2 (aka GPLv2), so you are free to make modifications for your own personal use as long as you still give credit to ShoutIRC.com. Note: For GPL compliance if you distribute a modified script you must distribute the full source code as well, it cannot be in an encrypted/compiled/machine language form only.

It is requested that if you make changes to the source you send them to us for possible inclusion in future releases.

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