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The SMS plugin allows users and DJs to interact with the bot via cellphone SMS text messaging. It uses Google Voice and text forwarding to a POP3 mail account to receive and send text messages. You should use a dedicated POP3 account for the bot to make sure the bot and your mail clients don't bother each other. Any email with POP3 access should work, if you don't have an extra one a free one from GMail or another provider should work. (See External links)


See the Configuration page for full configuration details.

Configuration Example

 RequirePrefix 0
 LineMerge 0
 HostmaskForm 0
 POP3 {
  Pass password
  Port 110
 GoogleVoice {
  Pass yourpass


User's using SMS will have the hostmask of theirphonenumber!sms@sms, for example 1234567890!sms@sms


You can optionally define the message SMS_InvalidCommand in ircbot.text and the bot will reply with it anytime a user sends an unrecognized command.
For example:

SMS_InvalidCommand=Sorry, that is an unrecognized command.

Libraries Used

This plugin uses libspopc which is LGPL. Not all distros and 3rd parties have this in their repos yet, so if it isn't in yours just download it from here: here.

To install it just log in to root, extract the TAR file & cd to the directory, and then type make && make install

OS Support

Operating System: Win32 Win64 Native Linux/Unix FreeBSD
Supported: Yes Yes Yes Yes

External links

Google Voice

Google Mail (GMail)

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