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General Information

The AutoDJ WebRequest system allows you to have an integrated playlist on your website for your AutoDJ plugin (and optionally your human DJs). The system allows browsing of your playlist, user requests, and also allows users to view your most recently played files.

If you would like to see more features in this system, please post a Feature Request at http://www.shoutirc.com. Since this is an open source project, you are also able to make modifications on your own if you wish.

RadioBot Configuration

You must be using the MySQL queue plugin to use the WebRequest system. It will create the database tables that the WebRequest installer doesn't.


1. Create a user in RadioBot with flags +drqnsa and a password. No hostmask is necessary for the user. (example username: WebUser)
2. Extract the archive to a desired directory on your web server.
3. Navigate to that folder/install.php in your browser.
4. If you have any problems, or need help, please post a support ticket at http://www.shoutirc.com.
This is a new package so you may encounter bugs, please report them to us via a support ticket.

Upgrading from v1 to v2

To upgrade from v1 to v2, just extract the latest WebRequest-2.x.x.zip over your existing installation. Re-run install.php and it will create the new tables needed for v2.

DJ Playlists

Here is a simple overview of how a DJ would create/update their playlist: (Note: The DJ needs an RadioBot user/pass if they do not have one, you can add them with !adduser)

1. DJ generates an SMD/SMZ file with the ShoutIRC Music Scanner.
2. DJ goes to WebRequest system and clicks DJ Login and logs in with their RadioBot user/pass.
3. User clicks Create/Update Playlist and uploads their SMD/SMZ into the system.
4. The DJs list is now complete. The script will have created all the necessary tables and imported the data automatically.

Note: When the DJ goes on-air, make sure they PM the bot !reqlogin as usual (or DJ Login if they use the DJ Client) so the WebRequest system knows they are on.


Starting with WebRequest 1.2 you can now specify a whitelist (people who can always request without regard to the normal waiting period if you have it enabled), and a blacklist (people who cannot request songs no matter what).

All identification is based off of IPs, as the WebRequest system has no way of knowing who you are.

To use your whitelist, edit your config.inc.php to include the following:

$config['whitelist'] = array();

To add IPs, simply add them to the array:

$config['whitelist'] = array("");
$config['whitelist'] = array("", "");

The match will begin from the beginning of the IP and go as long as the string you specify, so for example to allow anyone from to always request:

$config['whitelist'] = array("192.168.0.");

The blacklist works the exact same way, except use $config['blacklist'] instead of $config['whitelist']


The WebRequest package is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 (aka GPLv3), so you are free to make modifications for your own personal use as long as you still give credit to ShoutIRC.com. Note: For GPL compliance if you distribute a modified script you must distribute the full source code as well, it cannot be in an encrypted/compiled/machine language form only.

It is requested that if you make changes to the source you send them to us for possible inclusion in future releases.


The package by default comes with 3 skins, you can use them as a basis to create your own skins. Due to the use of the Smarty template engine, you have full control over the HTML output of the script so you can sustomize it heavily. If you would like to send in any theme(s) for possible inclusion in future releases, please submit them via a Support ticket or the Contact page on the main ShoutIRC.com page.


The default Song Information icon from Mark James (http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/)
Smarty PHP template engine http://www.smarty.net/

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