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RadioBot v5 Series

Changes since 5.13

AutoDJ plugin changes:
 Added DoVoiceOnRequests option to AutoDJ/Options section.
 Added support for searching by keywords to !youtube-dl/!youtube-play
 Added support for yt-dlp (still falling back to youtube-dl)
 Added ChatGPT plugin.

Version 5.13 - 10/23/2016

Updated TLS option in IRC/ServerX to support the STARTTLS method.
Added CAP option in IRC/ServerX to support older servers that don't support CAP.
IRC/ServerX/SSL is renamed to IRC/ServerX/TLS (the old name still works for compatibility.)
Base/SSL_Cert is renamed to Base/TLS_Cert (the old name still works for compatibility.)
Added LogChanKey option to Base section.
AutoDJ plugin changes:
 Added !youtube-dl and !youtube-play commands feature request 254
 Added YouTubeDir option to AutoDJ/Options section.
 Added Year and Req_Count metadata search to Scheduler filter options.
 Added Ogg FLAC and native FLAC Encoders.
Twitter plugin changes:
 Added per-account message support
 Added %artisttag% (song artist in #tag format, lowercase with spaces removed) feature request 253

Version 5.12 - 8/9/2015

Added HostmaskForm option to the SMS plugin.
Added on_sms bind and SendSMS function to the Lua plugin.
Added LastPort option to the DCC plugin.
Added Remote Commands RCMD_SRC_RELAY and RCMD_SRC_GET_SONG_INFO feature request 247
AutoDJ plugin changes:
 FLAC decoder can now play songs with 8-31 bits per sample instead of just 16-bit samples.
 Added +b flag for users so their nick won't be shown on requests.
 Added EnableVoiceBroadcast setting that shows what the AutoDJ Voice says in it's channels (adds some personality.)
 Added MinReqTimePerUserMask setting.
 !relay/!autodj-relay (and the URL/stream reader in general) now work with https:// URLs. feature request 246

Version 5.11 - 5/22/2014

IRCBot has been renamed to RadioBot.
Windows binary will be RadioBot.exe and Linux will be radiobot
Changed !q in the Quotes plugin to show a random quote if no number if given. feature request 230
Added Variable Setter plugin. feature request 231
Twitter plugin changes:
 Added new message TwitterSongSource you can optionally use when a source plugin is playing. Variable %songid% is available if AutoDJ or SimpleDJ are playing.
 Added new message TwitterRequest to announce who requested the current song.
 Hashtag #requested will be added to the end of the TwitterSong line for requested songs.
AutoDJ plugin changes:
 !move/!autodj-move should be more reliable and can now accept an optional "now" or filename parameter.
 AutoDJ will now play "intro files" before playing songs if you add them. Note: the intro files will not play *every* time a song is played, especially if the AutoDJ Voice is enabled.
  The intro file should have the same name as the original file with .adjintro.mp3 appended to the filename. For example: test.mp3's intro file would be test.mp3.adjintro.mp3
 Added CrossfadeMinDuration and CrossfadeLength in AutoDJ/Options

IRCBot v5 Series

Version 5.10 - 10/23/2013

AutoDJ plugin changes:
 Added StrictParse and IncludeAlbum in AutoDJ/Options.
Added Hangman plugin. feature request 225
Added Telnet plugin.
Added Pidgin plugin.
Added Quotes plugin. feature request 229
Added new WebPlayer. Embeddable or pop up music player for your station with optional WebRequest System integration.

Version 5.09 - 7/24/2013

Added TeamSpeak3 plugin. feature request 158
Added %action% variable.
AutoDJ plugin changes:
 Added MaxRequests option to AutoDJ/Options to set a maximum number of entries in the request queue.
 Improved crossfader, should work better and have smoother fades.
 New Resampler option: soxr (libsoxr)
 New Queue plugin: adjq_mysql_new. This is a new testing MySQL plugin that should be faster in most cases than the old MySQL plugin, especially for remote MySQL servers.
SAM plugin changes:
 Added SAM_Host/SAM_Port setting and new PM !commands.
Lua plugin changes:
 Added SendAction() command.
Uno plugin changes:
 Added !topcard command to show the current top card on the stack.
 Added ColorCode option to color code card names.
WebRequest version 2.0.15 changes:
 Added current DJ to "Currently Playing" page. Stream title/DJ/listeners/peak/max is now stored in $config so you can use them in your templates if you want.
 You could for example use them to make a simple page showing your stream info in an iframe.

Version 5.08 - 3/23/2013

Added ReqModesOnLogin setting in Base section.
Added !weather_public channel command to Welcome plugin.
Added !topic command. feature request 184
AutoDJ Changes:
 Added support for Advanced Playlists.
 Added random playback support to the Playlist Decoder.
 Added SourceIP setting to AutoDJ/Server section.
 Added SourcePort setting to AutoDJ/Server section.
Added plugin. feature request 186
Added ShowSchedule plugin. feature request 190

Version 5.07 - 1/10/2013

Added IRCBot v5 Shell for Windows. feature request 175
Moved DJ Client v5 out of Beta and into the main packaging. No bug reports received for DJ Client v5 so it must be good to go.
Added support for Lua scripting.
Added ReqDJNoRequests in ircbot.text for when a DJ is logged in but not taking requests. (!reqlogin off)
Added FindSort option to AutoDJ MySQL Queue.
Made it if you use @find with the same parameters it will show the next "page" of results. (if it is within the ExpireFindResults time limit)
Timer changes:
 You can now set Network to -1 to perform the action on all IRC networks.
 You can use random:filename.txt for the action and the bot will execute a random line from the specified filename.txt on each interval.
 Added Parm0-3 options so you could set different variables to use the same random file for different channels/networks.
Timers added to the Twitter plugin. feature request 176

Version 5.06 - 11/1/2012

Added !hide and !unhide commands to the bot when using Fork. (Win32 only)
Added min:max range support to Timers.
Added new plugin: SHOUTcast Proxy
Added !calc command to the Welcome plugin.

Version 5.05 - 6/9/2012

Added options to the ChanAdmin plugin to kick/ban anyone who tries to kick or ban a person with +m or +o.
Changes to the Welcome plugin:
 * Added !youtube command that gives information on a YouTube video.
 * Added !tinyurl command that will shorten a URL with the API.
 * Added !bing for Bing web search.
 * Added !wordnik to look up word definitions.
Changes to the AutoDJ plugin:
 * Added Opus encoder (
 * Merged Ogg Vorbis encoder and decoder into one plugin.
 * Merged FFmpeg encoder and decoder into one plugin.

Version 5.04 - 4/16/2012

Added MaxRating setting in Base section to alter the maximum rating you can use with !rate/!rating (requested by Nexus)
* Bug fix: Client/Client3 would be disconnected upon receiving a request in some cases (IRCBot builds dated from April 8th-25th, 2012).
Added new Forum plugin to replace phpBB plugin.
Added PLS/M3U/M3U8 playlist support to AutoDJ.
Added OnKickSource message to the SS Admin plugin.
Added Access Token support to the Mumble plugin.

Version 5.03 - 1/24/2012

Ported editusers from IRCBot v3 to the new v5 systems.
Our new app mp3sync is now included in Package Manager (mainly beneficial to SimpleDJ users).
Experimental: You can now specify alternate trigger prefixes (!, @, ?, etc.) in the Base section of ircbot.conf with the CommandPrefixes setting. Default remains at !@?
You can now specify default parameters in command aliases. (requested by Rocksound)
Added new option AltJoinCommand in IRC/ServerX/ChannelY section for servers which require some type of command to enter a channel besides JOIN.
Added new plugin: Mumble (to connect IRBot to Mumble/Murmur servers).
Added new plugin: Uno (a version of the card game Uno by Mattel).
Added new plugin: Centovacast providing a source control interface for it's Auto DJ. Also allows you to stop/start/restart it's shoutcast/icecast server.
You can now change command permissions with the new reperm.conf file.
Added Fork option in Windows build to hide the IRCBot window.
SAM Changes:
 Added !next/!sam-next to show the current songs queued in SAM.
 !requests should be more reliably queued first in the SAM's queue.
 Added options to adjust song weights based on !rate'ings.
 Completed feature request 156
Twitter Changes:
 Added ReTweet option.

Version 5.02 - 10/31/2011

Added -n option to Updater on Win32 to make it skip the "Press any key to continue" step at the end of an update.
If PullNameFromAnyServer is set to 1 the bot will try to get song titles from your source plugin if the song title on your sound server is blank.
Added the OnNickInUse and RegainNick options to IRC/ServerX section.
Added the AutoVoice option to IRC/ServerX/ChannelY section.
SHOUTcast v2: If you set a Pass in your SS/ServerX section the scraper will use the admin XML; otherwise it will use the public /stats XML page.
Plugins will now report your stream genre to the stream list (if you have EnableYP enabled), once enough people are updated we will add a column show your stream genres. 
AutoDJ Changes:
 Added MaxSongDuration in AutoDJ/Options.
 Added EnableTitleUpdates in AutoDJ/Options.
 Added AutoReload and OnlyScanNewFiles in AutoDJ/Options.
 Added new Directory pattern type to the Scheduler.
Trivia Changes:
 Added HintHiddenChar
SS Admin Changes:
 Updated to support SHOUTcast v2

Version 5.01 - 10/15/2011

Added new option to use different nicknames for the bot on each network.
Fixed bug in !viewuser and !+host/!-host.
Added request fallback system to send requests to a certain channel or nick instead of just saying there is currently no DJ.

Version 5.00 - 7/17/2011

New find/request API to unify all source plugins to one request interface. Also enables the much requested "!request #" support from @find results.
New Package Manager for installing/updating plugins and optional IRCBot components.
 * (Don't worry, old-school updater will still be available for those who prefer it or have automatic updates in cron jobs, etc.)
Updated Client and Client3 for IRCBot v5.
Changed over to the long awaited user flag system vs. user levels.
Added Level Emulation plugin.
Ported the MySQL Users plugin (by request of speeddemon8803).
Porting over plugins to v5.
AutoDJ Changes:
 MP3 decoder switched to libmpg123. It has a cleaner API, is currently maintained and developed, fast, and has better licensing.
 Added MinReqTimePerArtist
 Added support for ShoutIRC Streaming Meta Tags
SimpleDJ Changes:
 General love and updates to SimpleDJ since it's been neglected lately :-)
 MP3 decoder rewritten completely. If you thought it barely used any CPU power before you should see it now.
 Added support for ShoutIRC Streaming Meta Tags
Client3 Changes:
 Added beep in incoming request for Live DJs. (You can also put a file called incoming_req.wav in the Client3 folder to have it play it instead of the default sound)
 Added option to make window stay on top of all other windows.
 You can now double-click a request to remove it from the request list.

IRCBot v4 Series

Version 4.09 - 7/17/2011

Added Log option to IRC/ServerX section for debug logging of IRC connections. 
Made a few bugfixes to the Trivia game plugin.
Moved some temp files used by various plugins to the ./tmp/ folder.
Welcome Plugin: !weather will now remember the last city and celcius/fahrenheit selection you used so you can just type !weather by itself to retrieve it in the future.
Ported the MySQL Users plugin (by request of speeddemon8803).
AutoDJ Changes:
 Added support for ShoutIRC Streaming Meta Tags
SimpleDJ Changes:
 Added support for ShoutIRC Streaming Meta Tags

Version 4.08 - 7/10/2011

Added DJ Profile support to WebRequest v2.
Added new Trivia game plugin.
Added !spinbottle (Spin the Bottle) to the Welcome plugin.
Added !seen to the ChanAdmin plugin.
!viewuser will now also report the last time a user was seen globally.
SimpleDJ Changes:
 Added support for the new SHOUTcast v2 protocol (Ultravox).
AutoDJ Changes:
 Added ID3_Mode option to AutoDJ/Options
 Showed some love to adjq_memory:
  * Massive speed up of queue freeing/loading
  * Faster meta cache
  * New sorting algorithm for super fast sorts

Version 4.07 - 4/11/2011

Moved AutoDJ plugins to plugins/AutoDJ and SimpleDJ plugins to plugins/SimpleDJ to help reduce clutter in the plugins folder.
Added new Twitter plugin.
Added new SMS plugin.
Added new Public Vote plugin.
Added SHOUTcast v2 support.
Documented the Users_Shared plugin.
Documented the ChanAdmin plugin.
Added !ignore to ChanAdmin plugin.
Added SongInterval/SongIntervalSource to Twitter plugin.
Added support for a backup auth server in case the main server is ever down.
AutoDJ Changes:
 Added support for Steamcast
 Added new native AAC+ Encoder!
 Added support for the new SHOUTcast v2 protocol (Ultravox). Note: Shoutcast v2 only seems to support MP3 and AACP.
AutoDJ MySQL Queue:
 Added !autodj-clearhistory
 Made all commands relying on KeepHistory not register unless KeepHistory is enabled.
SimpleDJ Changes:

Version 4.06 - 10/17/2010

Added !dotopic (works like !dospam but for topic changes)
Added a progressive backoff on connecting to IRC (should help with server's throttling reconnects on sensitive servers).
Added a ncurses-based version of IRCBot
AutoDJ Changes:
 Added FLAC decoder on Linux
 Enabled Crossfade & Voice to  be on at the same time, originally it disabled voice because it would announce every song so it would just play over the voice.
  With the addition of the 1:5 style parameter for the voice a while back there is no reason to disable crossfading since it can crossfade songs that play next to each other.
  Also with this modification is it won't crossfade into or out of any song that is less than 30 seconds in length.
TTS_Services Changes:
 Added eSpeakCommand option in TTS section for people on Linux distros who rename their espeak binary from speak to espeak

Version 4.04/4.05 - The lost versions

Mostly updating for the switch to Visual Studio 2010 and bugfixing.

Version 4.03 - 5/31/2010

Added ability to write to a PID file (for automated scripts, etc.), see PIDFile in the Base section on the Base section.
Fixed new scraper to get artist and title from icecast2 servers.
Added new Multi Sound Server Mode (in addition to the original). 
AutoDJ Changes:
 Switch from tmpfile() in YP updater, should help people running on Windows without admin rights.
 Restored channel announcements of requested songs from v3 AutoDJ.

Version 4.02 - 2/20/2010

The AutoDJ ratings system is moved in to the main bot code now, EnableRating/MinLevelToRate now go in the Base section instead of AutoDJ/Options.
Updated the sound server scraper to do all servers simultaneously instead of one at a time.
More cleanups.
Improvements to the Updater.
AutoDJ Changes:
 Added FLAC decoder.
 Revamped Queue_Memory to the newer APIs and standards Queue_MySQL uses.
 Fixed HTML playlist write in Queue_MySQL.

Version 4.01 - 12/20/2009 to 2/19/2010

- Bugfixes mostly, stabilizing things.

Version 4.00 - 10/17/2008 to 12/19/2009

There are major internal changes, including:
New User Presence system, provides persistent handles to contact users in a medium-independent way (ie. IRC, Jabber, Remote Client, etc.)
Improved and much easier to use command handling.
Local IP discovery improved (helps the DCC plugin).
AutoDJ has many internal improvements.
Localization! That's right, as has often been requested you can now translate IRCBot and it's plugins, not just the normal ircbot.text lines.
Online configuration backup (if enabled) will upload a copy of your IRCBot configuration files so you can retrieve them anytime later if you lose them or want an older copy, etc. support plugin!
If you place your IRCBot v3 ircbot.users file in your v4 folder, it will import your v3 users and then delete the file. (make sure you keep a backup copy of ircbot.users just in case!)
Improved Buffered Send system.
Usernames now have restrictions on characters, this was always intended but never implemented until now.
IRCBot v3 imported users will automatically have bad chars removed from their usernames.
The MP3 Encoder now has a quality setting, this greatly affects the amount of CPU power IRCBot uses so you can reduce it if you need/want to. See more here.
Other changes from v3:
The playback internals of AutoDJ have been completely rewritten for IRCBot v4, but the changes made certain things not work:
 AutoDJ no longer has multi-server feeding support. This feature was kind of a hack job in the first place, and only worked for AutoDJ and not live DJs.
 It just seems like a stream transcoder is all around the better solution for multiple server feeding.
 AutoDJ currently has no Simple Mode support. It will either be added back later or another plugin will be made called be made into a plugin called SimpleDJ that will be a port of
 Simple Mode from the old AutoDJ to IRCBot v4.
 The AutoDJ voice currently doesn't work. AutoDJ voice is now functional again.
 DoPromos is no longer a modulus but a counter, so set it to 1 to play promos after every song, 2 to play after every 2 songs, etc.
 EnableVoice has been given similar functionality, set to 1 to play voice announcement for every song, 2 to do it after every 2 songs, etc.
 For both of the above you can also use a line like 2:5 to use a random number between 2 and 5 for example. The lower # must come first or bad results may happen.
If you see any bugs in IRCBot v4 or any of it's plugins (and I'm sure there will be some), please report them in our bug tracker here:

IRCBot v3 Series

Version 3.09 - 12/31/2008

IRCBot v3 End of Development. More info here: forum announcement.

Version 3.08 - 09/20/2008 to 10/17/2008

New Multi-User WebRequest System!
Added new plugin checksums, this will prevent IRCBot from loading any corrupted, virus-infected, or maliciously altered/hacked plugins that can ruin your day.
New remote command to get current DJ name (see ibctl -c current)
AutoDJ Changes
 - @find and override/req schedule entries now search ID3 Artist/Album/Title fields as well the filename.
 - New remote command to get AutoDJ status (see ibctl -c autodj-status)
DCC Support plugin changes
 - Added new EnableAutoDJ directive, this lets users download songs from your AutoDJ music collection using the same filename results @find gives you. (The !get trigger still works with the directory you specified in your GetPath, and falls back to AutoDJ if the file specified is not in that directory)
 - Support for mIRC's 64-bit DCC transfers (See here for details)

Version 3.07 - 07/05/2008 to 09/19/2008

 - Multiple updates and changes to the DCC Support plugin.
AutoDJ Changes
 - Created Simple Mode
 - Added new directives: SimpleMode, AutoStart, AutoPlayIfNoSource
 - !autodj-requests can now take a parameter of on or off. You can also use it without a parameter to toggle it's current state.
 - Added support for feeding multiple servers with your stream.

Version 3.06 - 03/08/2008 to 07/04/2008

- Added new Base directive: BackupDays
- New plugin: Skype
AutoDJ Changes
 - Added new script timer type to the Scheduler
 - Added new variables: %timeleft_milli% %timeleft_secs%
- New user art submitted, added to Logos/Artwork page:

Version 3.05 - 03/07/2008

- Made some major changes to the channel updating code to implement the moderate on channel update feature, hopefully nobody has any new problems with it. 
- I also updated the channel topic code so it will keep the channel topic set correctly at all times, instead of only updating it on status changes.
- Added #include "filename.ext" support to the ircbot.text parser.
- Added new Channel directives: AltTopicCommand and NoTopicCheck
- Added new Base directive: Fork (should help people who run the bot in SSH windows not having to use nohup)
- Added support for $# in ircbot.text-based commands. It is just like mIRC scripting except $0 is the trigger instead of how many parameters were passed.
 - From the mIRC Help File: You can use the $1 $2 ... $N identifiers to refer to individual parameters in a line. You can also use $N- to refer to parameters
 - N and onwards, and $N-M to refer to parameters $N through to $M. So to refer to a whole line, you would use $1-.
- !rehash now takes an optional parameter of the new filename to load instead of ircbot.text
- New plugin: Gaming
- New plugin: SAM Broadcaster
- Rewrote plugin: SS_Admin
AutoDJ Changes
 - Created new WebRequest system because a lot of people don't know PHP enough to make one.
 - Added MinReqTimePerSong to make it so songs cannot be requested more often than every X seconds.
 - Added EnableRequests to set AutoDJ whether or not to take requests.
 - New command: autodj-requests - toggles whether AutoDJ should take requests
 - Changed autodj-songtitle to a level 3 command.
 - Updated the Plugin:AutoDJ:Queue_MySQL plugin. You will need this latest plugin if you want to use the latest WebRequest system.
 - Fixed bug in OGG Decoder that could cause it to crash during file scan in certain situations.

Version 3.04 - 10/4/2007

- Made some adjustments to !commands
- The DCC plugin has been improved with an enhanced DCC CHAT console and other general improvements.
- Added some IP binding options for people who need support for vhosts, etc.
- Password protected IRC server/BNC support.
- New plugin: Notes
AutoDJ Changes
 - Added song rating system (rate songs from 0-5).
 - Switched to TagLib instead of id3lib, tag reading is now much faster for MP3 files, as well as general speed improvements in the music folder scan.
 - Filters are improved with more options in the scheduler.
 - New commands: rate rating autodj-name

Version 3.01 - 6/10/2007

- New, improved Remote Client. Ports have appeared in many of the IRCBot 3 packages, some will have more luck than others as some builds are still buggy.
- v3:IRCBot v2 to v3 Converter
- Working on an initial GUI for IRCBot, this may or not ever come to anything so don't get your hopes up.
- Ircbot gui alpha.jpg Yes, even Dalek Sec loves IRCBot!

Version 3.00 - 3/10/2007

- Complete revamp of configuration loader, user system, commands (formerly known as triggers)
- Command generalization so 1 command can work in channel, PM, console without duplicating code
- User storage is now in ircbot.users instead of ircbot.conf, for a cleaner and more secure implementation.
- API updates to remove limitations of many IRCBot v2 commands
- Newer, cleaner IRC code
- Updated IB_GETUSERINFO to use a basic and extended mode.
- Better Sound Server scrape code
- Multi Sound Server Mode
- Completed the DCC plugin including a DCC CHAT console
- New commands: modload save deluser +host -host chpass chlevel commands help
- Hostmask added to IBM_USER.
- New user management APIs
- Integrated SQLite DB (ircbot.db) + plugin database API
- New plugin: ChanAdmin
- New plugin: Users_Shared
- New port: FreeBSD 6.1
Security Enhancements:
 - Hostmask based user recognition
 - User level command security integrated into IRC/console command handlers
AutoDJ Changes
 - Sorting files alphabetically in queue and file writing
 - Meta info (ID3, etc) is read during the playlist scan and cached for optimum performance
 - Meta cache now stored in SQLite DB (autodj.cache can be deleted, it is no longer needed)
 - New filter schedule type, added artist/album/genre pattern types
 - New plugin: Waveform decoder
 - New plugin: ffmpeg decoder
 - New command: autodj-modules autodj-clear

IRCBot v2

Changes since 2.06

 - ircbot and all plugins upgraded to latest Drift Standard Libraries.
 AutoDJ Changes
   - Voice song announcement added.

Version 2.06 - 2/2/2006 08:32:46pm

 AutoDJ Changes
   - Added !autodj-move
   - All encoders/decoders are now externalized as plugins
   - Abstracted File I/O

Version 2.05 - 10/18/2005 01:02:31pm

 - Moved ircbot & all plugins to libdrift.a instead of many duplicates of common libaries.
 - Moved ircbot & all plugins from older memleak & sockets libraries to latest versions.
 DJ Client Changes
   - Layout update
   - Moved admin functions to new Admin bar (Ctrl+Alt+F7)
   - Supports Windows XP Visual Styles
 AutoDJ Changes
   - CPUM support added with LibCPUM
   - ID3v2 Tag Support (also MusicMatch tags)
   - New Mersenne Twister instead of crappy rand()
   - File system abstraction with file and stream (ShoutCast/IceCast) readers.
   - !relay (to queue streams, or any other file manually) (#channel cmd)
   - @find stable for release (must have EnableFind in AutoDJ set to 1+) (#channel cmd)
   - !autodj-chroot directory (changes content folder on the fly)

Version 2.04 - 9/21/2005 11:58:47am

 - Some stability stuff
 AutoDJ Changes
   - IceCast2 support in AutoDJ and SS Info Grabber
   - OGG Decoding support in AutoDJ
   - Some stability stuff

Version 2.03 - 6/16/2005 07:06:25pm

 - SS Admin - in channel ShoutCast rip/ban commands
 - AutoDJ introduced, subdirectory support, other good stuff

Version 2.02 - 4/23/2005 03:14:28pm

IRCBot v1

Version 1.01 - Early 2004

Version 1.00 - Late 2003

RadioBot vde

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