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The Welcome plugin is designed to provide user-interaction and friendliness to the bot. So far it has a Magic 8 Ball, Spin the Bottle, Weather service, and greets Admins & DJs when they join the channel.

Channel/PM/Console Commands

Commands Flags Needed Description
!8ball question   Ask the magic 8 ball a question.
!weather [c/f] [city or zip code]   City or zip code must be present the first time you use !weather, after that it will remember your last used city.
!youtube url or video ID   This will show you information about a YouTube video.
!tinyurl url   This will shorten a URL using the TinyURL API.
!bing query   Do a web search using the Bing search engine. (must have BingAccountKey set in ircbot.conf)

Channel/IP Commands

Commands Flags Needed Description
!ping [public/private] [nick]   Can specify public or private for in-channel !pings, default is set in ircbot.conf. If nick is not given, it pings the user who typed !ping.

Channel Commands

Commands Flags Needed Description
!spinbottle   Play spin the bottle with users in the channel.


See Configuration page.


To use the !weather/!weather_public functions you will need to get an API key from and enter it in the plugin configuration. These are free.

Custom Messages (Welcoming function)

WelcomeOnJoinX, where X should be a level between 1 and 4. This is a raw IRC command that RadioBot should perform when a user of X level joins a channel it is on.
The plugin considers Level 1 to be a user with flags +m, 2 = +o, 3 = +h, 4 = +d
WelcomeOnJoin1=PRIVMSG %chan :%chan Welcomes %nick, Bot Admin
Usable variables: %nick, %chan, %level, and all built-in variables

Custom Message (Spin The Bottle)

You can customize the actions and output of !spinbottle with the following messages.

SpinBottleActions=make Out with|kiss|make love with|have Sex with|kiss the ass of|lick|smooch|hump|go on a date with|lick|french kiss
SpinBottle0=The bottle is slowing down...
SpinBottle1=The bottle stopped...
SpinBottle2=It landed on...
SpinBottle4=%nick must %action %target!
Usable variables: %nick, %chan, %action, %target, and all built-in variables

Custom Message (Ping)

You can customize the output of !ping with the following messages.

PingUser=Round-trip between me and %target: %lagsec secs
PingTimeout=Timed out trying to ping %target!
Usable variables: %nick, %target, %lagsec (the lag in seconds), %lagms (the lag in milliseconds), and all built-in variables

OS Support

Operating System: Win32 Win64 Native Linux/Unix FreeBSD
Supported: Yes Yes Yes Yes

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