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The difference between the normal mode and Multi Sound Server Mode is that in single mode the bot will report only the first Sound Server and will add all the listener/peak/max values together to give combined stats for all your relays. In Multi Sound Server Mode however, it will list each Sound Server's stream individually listing their individual stats.

There are 3 Multi Sound Server Modes available, to enable them set MultiSoundServer to one of the following values in the Base section of your ircbot.conf:

Value Result
0 Disable MSSM (Normal Mode)
1 All of your streams will be listed anytime the first sound server's title changes.
2 Each individual stream will be listed only when it's title changes.

Things like the Request System, triggers like !playlist/!song/etc., will still only report information for the combined stats.
Channel spam will also report the DJ name on the streams as if DJName was set to Standard on all but the first stream.

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