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AutoDJ Voice

This feature of AutoDJ does announcements between songs of what is coming up next, etc.


In the AutoDJ/Options section these options are available:

EnableVoice 1
 Enables or disables the AutoDJ voice
VoiceArtist Artist
 Set the artist metadata for the AutoDJ Voice announcements
VoiceTitle  Title
 Set the title metadata for the AutoDJ Voice announcements

Text Messages

In RadioBot.conf, simply add lines like the following:

ADJVoice_X=You are listening to Generic Radio. Coming up next: %song
 For X, use 0 to 32 (for a max of 32 messages)

Better Voices on Linux

Thanks to count00zero for providing this great tip, you can use this custom script to use Mozilla-TTS instead of eSpeak: view it on GitHub.

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