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RadioBot Remote Client

The RadioBot Remote Client is a DJ Console for taking requests, using Source Control (Auto DJ, etc.)

Version 5

This is the new, completely rewritten RadioBot Remote Client v5. This returns to a native Windows-only release (may run under Wine on Linux, not tested).

New features:

  • New tabbed interface.
  • @find support for Live DJs (ie. users can use @find to search a Live DJ's music when he or she is DJing).
  • @find support can search a music folder, or import from SAM Broadcaster if the Live DJ uses SAM.
  • More Admin functions.
  • Return of a v1/v2 feature, stations can include a client_help.txt text file in their customized installer and it will show up in a tab.


Version 4

This was a test version that didn't pan out, never released publicly.

Version 3

This is the oldest supported RadioBot Remote Client. It is cross-platform running natively on Windows & Linux, but due to the windowing toolkit is sometimes glitchy.

Karol P. (Hackez) was responsible for the original drawings that this GUI was designed from.



Version 2

Here is an older version 2 client:


Version 1

Here is the oldest client I still have, it is either late v1 or early v2 when the appearance was the same:


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