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AutoDJ Scheduler

This is a feature of AutoDJ.


All your scheduled items (or Timers) are stored in schedule.conf. The lines are formatted like so:

EntryType mode months days hours minute extra pattern_type pattern
# Song is requested every Mon, Wed, Fri at 1 pm
Timer req Z MWF 13 0 0 filename telepopmusik - breathe.mp3
# Song is requested every weekday at 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm
Timer req Z E 18,21 30 0 filename *internet*relation*
# Script is executed every weekday at 3:00 pm
Timer script Z E 15 0 0 filename script.txt

Configuration Codes

Entry Types:

Only Timer is currently supported

Mode Types:

req - Add Song to Request List
override - Play song at this time, halting any other song
filter - Plays only songs matching the filter for (extra) number of seconds
relay - Play the song or URL at this time. This is just like !relay in that you can use full filenames and they files don't have to be in the AutoDJ content folder. (use filename pattern_type)
script - Execute the script specified by pattern. (use filename pattern_type, no variables/wildcards supported)
 Note: To use scripts you must first create an AutoDJ user in RadioBot with the following PM command: !adduser AutoDJ +flags random_password [email protected]
 Note2: You can change random_password to whatever you want, and use whatever flags you want to restrict which commands the scripts can run.

Month Codes:

Z = All
J = January
F = Februay
M = March
A = April
Y = May
U = June
L = July
G = August
S = September
O = October
N = November
D = December
You can combine these, ie YULG to cover the summer.

Day Codes:

Z = All Days
S = Sunday
M = Monday
T = Tuesday
W = Wednesday
H = Thursday
F = Friday
A = Saturday
E = Weekdays (M-F)
K = Weekends (Sat & Sun)
You can combine these, ie MWF or M,W,F for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


0-23 (military time)
Can be 0,12,16 for multiple hours


Only one minute is currently allowed


Req/Override - Set to the maximum number of files to queue if there are multiple matches of the pattern. 0 is unlimited.
Filter - Number of seconds filter should remain active for

Pattern Type:

Filename - Match song filename
Directory - Match the directory a song is in
Genre - Match song Genre
Artist - Match song Artist
Album - Match song Album
Year - (filters only) Year or MinYear:MaxYear
Req_Count (filters only) Based on request count, pattern can be =# (count = to #) or ># (count greater than #). For example >0 to play only songs that have been requested before.
If there are multiple matches, it will choose them randomly up to the maximum results


Variables will include:

%yy = year (2-digits)
%yyyy = year (4-digits)
%m  = month (1-12)
%mm = month (01-12, with leading zero)
%d  = day of month (1-31)
%dd = day of month (01-31, with leading zero)
%w  = day of week (0-6)
%ww = day of week (00-06, with leading zero)
%h  = hours (0-23)
%hh = hours (00-23, with leading zero)
%n  = minutes (0-59)
%nn = minutes (00-59, with leading zero)
%s  = seconds (0-59)
%ss = seconds (00-59, with leading zero)

Previous Weekdays

To set the last weekday # you want, put %lw(X) before your other %lw variables.
Example: %lw(0)%lwmm-%lwyyyy would be today if it is a weekday, or last Friday for Sat/Sun.
Example: %lw(1)%lwmm-%lwyyyy would be yesterday if it is Tues-Fri, or last Thursday for Sat/Sun/Mon.

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