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AutoDJ {
 MP3_Encoder {
  Mode stereo or jstereo
  // Sets whether the MP3 encoder uses stereo or joint stereo in 2 channel mode. (Joint stereo is default and the recommended setting)
  Quality 0-9
  // Sets the LAME encoding quality (default: 4)
  // This setting has a large effect on CPU usage when using AutoDJ, since 80+% of the CPU usage is in LAME at the default setting of 4
  // quality=0..9.  0=best (very slow).  9=worst (fastest).
  // recommended:  2 near-best quality, not too slow. 5 good quality, fast. 7 ok quality, really fast.
  VBR 1
  // Turns on VBR mode (method: RH), mean bitrate is Bitrate in the Server section
  VBR_Quality 0-9
  // Sets the VBR quality, values have the same meaning as in the Quality item above   
  MinBitrate 0
  // You can use this to set the minimum bitrate, 0 or commented out = Bitrate*0.25
  MaxBitrate 0
  // You can use this to set the maximum bitrate, 0 or commented out = Bitrate*1.25


Please remember when setting up VBR the MinBitrate and MaxBitrate must be real MP3-valid values. For example, if your bitrate is 64 you must set a MinBitrate manually because the default calculated one would be 16, which is not a valid MP3 bitrate. This is a limitation of the MP3 standard, not AutoDJ.

Here are the valid bitrate values for your reference: 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 160, 192, 224, 256, 320.

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