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User Flags

Beginning with RadioBot v5 the much requested user flags system will replace the older user level (1-5) system.

Flag Strings

Various commands and configuration options take flag strings to set or modify a user's flags.
This is similar to IRC, but there are a few things you should know:

  • Flag strings need to start with an operator, currently +, -, or =
  • + adds to existing flags
  • - deletes from existing flags
  • = removes existing flags and adds anything after it.
  • You can mix and match operators inline


+abcdefg (adds abcdefg to user's flags)
-abcdefg (removes abcdefg from user's flags)
=abcdefg (sets user's flags to abcdefg, removing all others)
+abc-def (adds abc to user's flags and removes def)
+abcdef= (flags would be completely empty since = was last)

Flag List

Here is a preliminary list of user flags for the bot.
If you have any ideas or comments on adding, changing, or removing any user flags, please contact us.

Flag Nickname Description
m UFLAG_MASTER Bot Master, this is roughly equivalent to Level 1 in RadioBot v1-4
o UFLAG_OP Operator, allows usage of most bot functions. This is roughly equivalent to Level 2 in RadioBot v1-4
h UFLAG_HOP HalfOp, give access to more bot functions. This is roughly equivalent to Level 3 in RadioBot v1-4
d UFLAG_DJ DJ Access. Lets users log in to take requests and access many basic functions of the bot, this is roughly equivalent to Level 4 in RadioBot v1-4.
(Note: You will probably want to pair this with +s in most cases)
r UFLAG_REMOTE Let's the user connect to the remote port with the DJ Client. (Also needed for WebRequest, and other remote port clients)
n UFLAG_RATE Let's the user rate songs
i UFLAG_DIE Gives access to !die, !restart, !reload, and !rehash
q UFLAG_REQUEST Allows user to use !request, @find, etc.
s UFLAG_BASIC_SOURCE Allows user to use !autodj-stop and !autodj-play
a UFLAG_ADVANCED_SOURCE Allows user to use !autodj-force and other more advanced source commands
b UFLAG_SOURCE_NO_REQ_BY Makes it so AutoDJ won't show your nickname when you request a song (in channel, tweets, etc.)
c UFLAG_CHANADMIN Allows user to use channel administration functions in the ChanAdmin plugin
k UFLAG_SKYPE Allows user to call the bot's Skype (not needed for private message console)
t UFLAG_TWEET Allows user to use the !tweet command in the Twitter plugin
e UFLAG_DCC_CHAT Allows user to DCC chat with the bot
f UFLAG_DCC_FSERV Allows user to use the DCC file server
g UFLAG_DCC_XFER Allows user to send and receive files from the bot
j UFLAG_DCC_ADMIN Allows user to use administrative DCC commands. Also automatically grants access to all above DCC flags
x UFLAG_IGNORE Bot will ignore anything said by this user
u UFLAG_USER_RECORDS User can access all user records. This should only be set on accounts the Users_Shared plugin logs in with


Here are some sample flag sets: (Note: I haven't included any DCC or Skype flags in these)

Owner (Level 1 RadioBot v1-4): +mohdrniqsact
Admin (Level 2 RadioBot v1-4): +ohdrniqsact
Trusted DJ (Level 3 RadioBot v1-4): +hdrnqsa
DJ (Level 4 RadioBot v1-4): +drnqs

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