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The Variable Setter plugin lets you add, delete, and modify custom %variables.



PM/Console Commands

Commands Flags Needed Description
!varadd %variable +flags [initial value] +mo (any) Adds a custom variable.
To modify the value with !varmod a user needs the flags specified with +flags.
To allow anyone to modify it, just use a +
!vardel %variable +mo (any) Deletes a custom variable added with !varadd
!varmod %variable new value OR reset N/A Modifies a %variable's value or resets it to the initial value set with !varadd (respectively)


While I don't prevent you from doing so, using this plugin to modify the value of any Built-In Variables, variables provided by other plugins, or custom variables from ircbot.text is unsupported, may not work, and may cause problems. So don't do it :-)


Plugin Compatibility: RadioBot Basic RadioBot Full
Supported: Yes Yes

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