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Plugin Description

This plugin allows you to play songs from PLS, M3U, and M3U8 playlists.

Playback Order

By default songs are played in the order they are in the playlist. We have extended the playlist formats to support random playback order in AutoDJ.
Note: These extensions will only have any effect when used with AutoDJ, not with any other software.

M3U/M3U8 Extension

Add the line #RANDOM as the first line in the file, or if the file starts with #EXTM3U put it on the 2nd line.

c:\music\Song 1.mp3
c:\music\Song 2.mp3
#EXTINF:148,Artist - Title
c:\music\Song 1.mp3
#EXTINF:124,Artist - Title
c:\music\Song 2.mp3

PLS Extension

PLS files use an INI format. Set Random=true in the [playlist] section to tell the AutoDJ to randomize playback.

File1=c:\music\Song 1.mp3
Title1=Artist - Title
File2=c:\music\Song 2.mp3
Title2=Artist - Title

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