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Warning.gif This page documents a development or unofficial plugin for RadioBot. You should not count on this plugin working, being publically released, or being stable.


The gaming plugin would/will allow bot administrators to keep a list of their game servers and allow users to query their stats (players/map name/etc.). It would also let bot admins to show a player list in channel. Versus reinventing the wheel and recoding a million stats grabbers (which would give you less options as only the most popular games would be coded for), I am/will use the program QStat to query servers. (See External links)


!gstat - Query a game server for it's stats. You can also use !gstats or !gstatus
!glist - Lists all of your defined servers
!gsave - Save a server for use with !gstat
!gdel  - Delete one of your save servers


This plugin uses 2 messages defined in ircbot.text

GameOnline - The message to display when a game server was reached and queried successfully.
 The default if the message is not in ircbot.text is: %bold[%boldServer Status: %name (%servip:%servport)%bold] [%boldName: %server%bold] [%boldGame Type: %gametype%bold] [%boldCurrent Map: %map%bold] [%boldPlayers: %numplayers/%maxplayers%bold] [%boldPing: %pingms%bold]
GameOffline - The message to display when there was an error querying the game server.
 The default if the message is not in ircbot.text is: %bold[%boldServer Status: %name%bold] [%boldError: %error%bold]

Server Types

The server types are just like those found in the qstats program. This list is from the latest version I have, the version of qstats on your system may have more or less than these:

a2s            Half-Life 2 new server (CS: Source, HL2:DM, HL2:CTF, TF2, newer HL1 & CS, other Source-based games.)
ams            America's Army v2.x server
bfs            BFRIS server
codm           Call of Duty Master server
cods           Call of Duty server
crs            Command and Conquer: Renegade server
d3g            Descent3 Gamespy Protocol server
d3m            Descent3 Master (PXO) server
d3p            Descent3 PXO protocol server
d3s            Descent3 server
dm3m           Doom 3 Master server
dm3s           Doom 3 server
efm            Star Trek: Elite Force server
efs            Star Trek: Elite Force server
eye            All Seeing Eye Protocol server
fcs            FarCry server
gps            Gamespy Protocol server
grs            Ghost Recon server
gs2            Gamespy V2 Protocol server
gs3            Gamespy V3 Protocol server
gs4            Gamespy V4 Protocol server
gsm            Gamespy Master server
h2s            Hexen II server
hl2s           Half-Life 2 server
hla2s          Half-Life server
hla2sm         Steam Master server
hlm            Half-Life Master server
hlqs           Half-Life server
hls            Half-Life server
hrs            Heretic II server
hws            HexenWorld server
jk3m           Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy server
jk3s           Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy server
kps            Kingpin server
maqs           Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (Q) server
mas            Medal of Honor: Allied Assault server
mhs            Medal of Honor: Allied Assault server
netp           NetPanzer server
netpm          NetPanzer Master server
nexuizm        Nexuiz Master server
nexuizs        Nexuiz server
preym          Prey Master server
preys          PREY server
prs            Pariah server
q2m            Quake II Master server
q2s            Quake II server
q3m            Quake III Master server
q3s            Quake III: Arena server (also Call of Duty 2)
q4m            Quake 4 Master server
q4s            Quake 4 server
qs             Quake server
qwm            QuakeWorld Master server
qws            QuakeWorld server
rss            Ravenshield server
rwm            Return to Castle Wolfenstein Master server
rws            Return to Castle Wolfenstein server
sas            Savage server
sfs            Soldier of Fortune server
sgs            Shogo: Mobile Armor Division server
sms            Serious Sam server
sns            Sin server
sof2m          SOF2 Master server
sof2m1.0       SOF2 Master (1.0) server
sof2s          Soldier of Fortune 2 server
stm            Steam Master server
stma2s         Steam Master for A2S server
stmhl2         Steam Master for HL2 server
t2m            Tribes 2 Master server
t2s            Tribes 2 server
tbm            Tribes Master server
tbs            Tribes server
tm             TrackMania server
tremulous      Tremulous server
tremulousm     Tremulous Master server
ts2            Teamspeak 2 server
uns            Unreal server
ut2004m        UT2004 Master server
ut2004s        UT2004 server
ut2s           Unreal Tournament 2003 server
warsowm        Warsow Master server
warsows        Warsow server
woetm          Enemy Territory Master server
woets          Enemy Territory server

OS Support

Operating System: Win32 Win64 Native Linux/Unix FreeBSD
Supported: Yes Yes Yes Yes

External links

QStat homepage

QStat's SourceForge download page

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