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The Centovacast plugin lets you stop/start/restart your Centova-controlled shoutcast/ice as well as stop/start the Centova AutoDJ (if enabled in your account).
It will also let you skip to the next song on the AutoDJ as well.


See the Configuration page for information on configuring this plugin.

PM/Console Commands

Commands Flags Needed Description
!cv-ss-stop +mo (any) Shuts down your sound server (shoutcast/icecast)
!cv-ss-start +mo (any) Starts your sound server (due to limitations in the Centova API this will also start your Centova AutoDJ)
!cv-ss-restart +mo (any) Restarts your sound server
!cv-autodj-stop +a Stops the Centova AutoDJ.
!cv-autodj-start +a Stops the Centova AutoDJ.
!cv-autodj-next +a Stops playing current song and goes to the next one.


Plugin Compatibility: RadioBot Basic RadioBot Full
Supported: Yes Yes

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