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Warning.gif This page documents a development or unofficial plugin for RadioBot. You should not count on this plugin working, being publically released, or being stable.

The Uno let's you play an IRC-version of the Uno card game. Uno is the property of Mattel.

Uno Rules

I won't reinvent the wheel repeating all the rules of Uno, but the plugin has 2 game types:
1. Standard - Keep playing hands until someone gets to 500 points and is declared the winner.
2. Onehand - Play one hand and whoever gets rid of all their cards first is the winner.
You also have the option to allow stacking (playing more than one card per turn) or not.

How to Play

To start a game of Uno, type !uno-start. The bot will announce to the room that a game is going to start and tell people to type !uno if they want to play.
Once everyone who wants to play has typed !uno, type !uno-start again to start the game.
The bot will deal a hand to everyone, pick a random starting player, and start the round.

Your Turn

When it is your turn, you have the option to !play, !draw, or !pass.
Just like in regular Uno, if you use !draw you have the option to !play the card you drew or !pass to go to the next player.
If you use !pass without doing !draw first, a card will be drawn for you automatically (so you can just use the one trigger instead of two).

To play a card (or cards if stacking is on), type !play color card [color card] [color card]
For example: !play red zero
All cards use the same 2 word format except for wild cards which are a bit different.
This would play a Wild card and set the new discard pile color to green:
For example: !play wild green
This would play a Wild Draw 4 card and set the new discard pile color to blue:
For example: !play wild draw blue
Remember: Even with stacking on you only get one !play, so make it count!!!

Shortened Card Names

When using !play, you can use the following shortened equivalents to cut down on typing:

red r
blue b
green g
yellow y
wild w
Card Name Main Keyword Alternates
Reverse reverse r rev
Skip skip s
Draw 2 draw d d2
Draw 4 draw d d4
Zero zero 0
Nine nine 9

Example: !play r 4 would be the same as !play red four
Example: !play w d4 b would be the same as !play wild draw blue

Channel Commands

Commands Flags Needed Description
!uno-start n/a Starts a game of Uno (after all players have typed !uno, type !uno-start again to begin the game)
!uno n/a Adds you to the game of Uno if it is still in the preparation stage
!uno-stop +mo (any) Stops an ongoing game of Uno (forfeiting points)
!play n/a Plays a card (or cards if stacking is on)
!draw n/a Draws a card, afterwards you can !play that card or !pass
!pass n/a Passes your turn to the next player (if you have not drawn a card, it will do so automatically)
!hand n/a Shows you your current hand in Uno
!topcard n/a Shows you the current top card in Uno)
!uno-points n/a Shows you the top 10 Uno players by number of points
!uno-wins n/a Shows you the top 10 Uno players by number of wins
!uno-curscore +mohd (any) Shows the channel the current Uno Scoreboard


See the Configuration page.

Custom Messages

Uno uses the following custom messages you can define to alter the default text:

UnoAnnounce=%nick has started Uno! Type !uno if you would like to play...
UnoStart=Uno is now starting with %num players...
UnoNewDeal=Dealing a new hand to players...
UnoStart2=I have selected '%card' to start the discard pile...
UnoWonGame=Game over! This round of Uno was won by %nick with %points points.
UnoWonHand=%nick is out of cards, he wins this hand...
UnoOver=Uno has ended, we hope you enjoyed yourself!
UnoShowHand=Your Hand (%num cards): %hand
UnoShowTopCard=The current top card is: %card
UnoTurnStart=%nick's turn has now begun...
UnoDrawCards=%nick has to draw %num cards and lose a turn...
UnoSkipTurn=%nick's turn was skipped...
UnoTimeout=%nick's turn has timed out, drawing card...
UnoDraw=%nick has drawn a card...
UnoDrawPlayer=You may now !play the card you have drawn or use !pass to go to the next player...
UnoPass=%nick has ended his turn...
UnoCardNotInHand=You do not have a '%card' in your hand!
UnoCardNotAllowed='%card' can not be played right now!
UnoPlayedCardWild=%nick played '%card', setting new color to '%pilecol'
UnoPlayedCard=%nick played '%card'
UnoUno=Uno! %nick has 1 card left...
UnoColorError=Unknown color: %colcode
UnoOnlyDrawnCard=After !draw'ing a card, you can only play that card or !pass
UnoGiveCard=The card '%card' has been added to your hand...
UnoScores=Uno Scoreboard
UnoScore=%nick: %points point(s)
UnoScoresEnd=End of list.

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