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Plugin Info

This plugin lets users vote for a song change when a source plugin like AutoDJ or SimpleDJ is playing.
You can set the # of votes needed and the trigger in the configuration, it defaults to 3 votes and !next-vote.


This plugin uses 4 messages defined in ircbot.text:

VoteNextPassed - The text to display when a vote passes and the song is skipped.
VoteNextThanks - The text to display when a user votes.
VoteNextAlreadyVoted - The text to display when a user has already voted but tries to vote again anyway.
VoteNextNoSrc - The text to display when no source plugin is loaded or the source plugin isn't playing.

Messages Example

Here are the default messages in case you want to build off them:

VoteNextPassed=Vote passed! Skipping to next song...
VoteNextThanks=Thank you for voting %nick, %votes_needed% more votes needed to skip this song...
VoteNextAlreadyVoted=You have already voted, %nick! You cannot vote on the same song more than once...
VoteNextNoSrc=Sorry, Auto DJ is not playing right now...


See the Configuration page.

OS Support

Operating System: Windows 32-bit Windows 64-bit Native Linux/Unix 32-bit Linux/Unix 64-bit FreeBSD 32-bit FreeBSD 64-bit
Supported: Yes Untested Yes Yes Yes Yes

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