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This plugin adds support for SAM Broadcaster by SpacialAudio.
It will only work if you use SAM with MySQL, no other database servers/engines are supported.
If you aren't using MySQL currently, but would like to use this plugin, you can easily switch SAM to use MySQL.
So far it has only been tested with SAM 4, but if you are using an earlier version please send submit a Support Ticket and I'll work on supporting it.


The SAM plugin fully supports the new @find/!request interface; with the new APIs it is no longer necessary to use a different find trigger like in v3/v4.


If there are other things you would like to see the SAM plugin do, feel free to post a Feature Request or Support Ticket asking for it.


Channel Commands

!next - Shows the next (up to 5) songs in SAM's queue.

PM/Console Commands

!sam-next - Shows the next (up to 5) songs in SAM's queue.
!sam-stop - Tells SAM to stop playback.
!sam-play - Tells SAM to start playback.
!sam-skip - Tells SAM to skip to the next song.

PAL Scripts

Scripts for Commands

The bot includes 3 scripts in the sam_scripts folder that you need to load in SAM in order for !sam-stop/play/skip to work. Make sure you check the box so they automatically run on startup.

Script for Ratings

If you want to use the feature that adjusts song weighting based on user ratings you will need to load this script in SAM: shoutirc.cursong.pal (in zip file).

SAM Configuration

You must make sure your SAM configuration matches what is in the red box below, otherwise SAM will not read the database for requested files.
SAM Config.png


See the Configuration page.

Custom Messages

The SAM plugin uses the following custom messages you can customize:

SAM_ShowQueue=Here are the next %num songs in queue...
SAM_EmptyQueue=The queue is currently empty...


Plugin Compatibility: RadioBot Basic RadioBot Full
Supported: Yes Yes

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