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RadioBot now uses a SQLite databsse (ircbot.db) for storage of certain items and provides an interface for plugins to use it as well.

The API exposed by RadioBot to plugins is contained in API_db.

The Query function is a wrapper for sqlite3_exec, as GetTable is for sqlite3_get_table, and you should expect them to work the same. The only differences between the real functions and the wrapper provided are:

  • The wrappers use a mutex to make them exclusive so they are thread-safe for you to use. The only issue you should worry about is making sure not to try to call a function from within a Query() callback (which I don't know if SQLite allows anyway, but probably isn't a good idea in the first place).
  • The wrappers will try each query up to 5 times as long as SQLITE_BUSY is returned, so you don't have to implement similar functionality.
  • After opening the database, RadioBot calls sqlite3_busy_timeout() with a value of 5000ms, you should not alter this or set another busy timeout function

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