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ShoutIRC Music Database is (yet another) XML-based format.

There are 2 variants of the format, SMD (a plain XML file), and SMZ, which is a compressed XML file with a custom header.

Compressed SMD Structure

The 16-byte header is like this: (Note: All values are Little Endian!)

SMDZ string, 4 bytes long
compLen, unsigned 32-bit int, the compressed length of the data
fullLen, unsigned 32-bit int, the decompressed length of the data
reserved, 4 bytes of zeros (0x00, not '0')

The file then continues with compLen of zlib compressed data, you decompress it with zlib's uncompress() function

XML Schema

First, there is a standard XML declaration, followed by an SMD element with 2 attributes:

Version="1" (currently the only defined version)
URL=" (this URL, so people can easily find this information)

Under SMD, there is an Info element with these 2 attributes:

NumSongs="X" (the number of songs listed in the XML)
TotalLength="Y" (the combined number of seconds of the files in the playlist)

Next under SMD is a Songs element, which has one or more Song sub-elements representing the individual songs.

Each Song element has several keys describing the song, most are self-explanatory but there are 2 that I should document.

ID="X" - This is a CRC32 of the full path and filename of the song, it serves as a unique identifier for the song. On Win32, the full path and filename is converted to lowercase before CRCing it.
SongLen="Y" - The length in seconds of the song.
mTime="Z" (the last modification time of the file, ie. st_mtime from a stat() call)

Example file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<SMD Version="1" URL="">
 <Info NumSongs="4" TotalLength="1104" />
  <Song ID="1948625078" SongLen="264" mTime="1184011737" Path="F:\FServ\MP3\" FN="Aaliyah - I Care 4 U - Are You That Somebody.mp3" Artist="Aaliyah" Title="Are You That Somebody" Album="I Care 4 U" Genre="Other" />
  <Song ID="1717573007" SongLen="192" mTime="1170372448" Path="F:\FServ\MP3\" FN="Bowling for Soup - 1985 - 1985.mp3" Artist="Bowling for Soup" Title="1985" Album="1985" Genre="Other" />
  <Song ID="51744986" SongLen="366" mTime="1192171596" Path="F:\FServ\MP3\" FN="Bubbles - Super Troopers - Bidibodi Bidibu.mp3" Artist="Bubbles" Title="Bidibodi Bidibu" Album="Super Troopers" Genre="" />
  <Song ID="3690314031" SongLen="282" mTime="1192176018" Path="F:\FServ\MP3\" FN="Nirvana - In Utero - Heart-Shaped Box.mp3" Artist="Nirvana" Title="Heart-Shaped Box" Album="In Utero" Genre="Alternative Rock" />

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