Codenames of Current And Old Projects

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My codenames are usually based on something I was doing or something I was interested in at the time they were chosen. It can give you some insight into my interests lol :-)

Current Codenames
Codename Project Inspiration
BECKETT RadioBot v5 (previously IRCBot v5) Castle
WILFRED Package Manager Wilfred (US) & (AUS)
SAINTS DJ Client v5 Saints Row: The Third
WHITE FOREST The current version of AutoDJ Half-Life 2: Episode 2
Old Codenames
Codename Project Inspiration
CAMERON IRCBot v4 Terminator: TSCC
RAPTURE The new multi-platform bot client that uses wxWidgets BioShock
TRANSMAT IRCBot v3 Doctor Who
PRIME The last major upgrade to AutoDJ. Plugin-based media library/playlist management and AutoDJ gets a voice. Transformers G1 - Optimus Prime
VIPER The version of AutoDJ before PRIME. Plugin-based encoders and decoders and abstract File I/O. Original 1978 Battlestar Galactica
PEGASUS The first version of AutoDJ Star Trek: TNG
POPCORN The rewrite of old IRCBot to the newer IRCBot v2 Don't remember, may have been random
QUAGMIRE mp3-source Family Guy

RadioBot vde

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