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Many plugins exist for RadioBot and AutoDJ. To install any plugins you would like to use, run PackageManager.exe (Windows) or ./package_manager (Linux/BSD). Plugins that rely on IRC are not available with Standalone DJ, such as (but not limited to) Auto Identify, ChanAdmin, ChannelLinking, DCC Support, SS Admin, and Welcome.

Source Control Plugins

Source control plugins provide and/or control your backup DJ for when a Live DJ is not on the air.
AutoDJ and SimpleDJ actually ARE your backup DJs, they will feed your sound server directly without need for any 3rd party programs running (ie. Winamp, SAM, etc.). They provide the most integration and features for your IRC & website experience.

  • Auto DJ
  • Simple DJ
  • SAM Broadcaster - Enables find/request support for SAM as well as the ability to rate SAM songs and view SAM's queue.
  • Centovacast - The Centovacast plugin will start and stop the Centovacast AutoDJ on your command. It also has commands to stop/start/restart your shoutcast/icecast server.

Note: Only 1 source control plugin should be loaded in the bot at a time or you risk conflicts!

IRC Functionality Plugins

These plugins provide enhancements or features mainly for IRC, but a lot of them also work on other mediums as well (see the Interface Plugins section below).

Interface Plugins

These plugins let users interact with the bot on other mediums than IRC such as forums, instant messengers, etc.

  • Forum - Lets users talk to the bot on your forum (such as phpBB or vBulletin). Supports having a dedicated subforum for the bot and/or private messaging the bot.
  • Jabber - Lets users talk to the bot over Jabber instant messaging.
  • Mumble - Logs the bot on to your Mumble server (similar to Ventrilo or TeamSpeak). Users can talk to the bot via private message or channel text chat.
  • Pidgin - Lets you talk over instant messenger networks using Pidgin or other libpurple-based IM client.
  • Skype - Lets users talk to the bot via Skype text chat.
  • SMS - Lets users talk to the bot via SMS (cell phone text messaging).
  • TeamSpeak3 - Logs the bot on to your TeamSpeak3 server. Users can talk to the bot via private message or channel text chat.
  • Telnet - Lets users telnet in to the bot.
  • Twitter - Posts what your station is playing to Twitter, and optionally allows users talk to the bot directly from Twitter and/or direct messages.

Games and Gaming Plugins

Other Plugins

  • Last.FM - Scrobbles what is playing on your station to Last.FM.
  • Lua - Let's you load scripts written in Lua.
  • SHOUTcast Proxy - Let's your DJs stream to your SHOUTcast using their RadioBot username and password so you don't have to give them your source password. Also enables recording of your DJs' shows with SSMT tags for playback with AutoDJ (or any regular MP3 player).
  • TTS Services - Provides text-to-speech services to other plugins like AutoDJ and SimpleDJ.
  • - Keeps the currently playing song up to date on your station at
  • Users_MySQL
  • Users_Shared
  • Variable Setter

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